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Deliver Measurable Pipeline
Marketing Results

If a business’ objective is to grow and generate revenue, why are so many B2B marketing programs still focused on lead acquisition?

Far too many B2B marketers are still measuring against the wrong metrics and end up valuing lead volume over lead quality and conversion. A good B2B marketing program shifts the focus from lead generation to full-funnel optimization. By aligning sales and marketing objectives with business objectives, Brainrider helps create effective B2B marketing campaigns that deliver against the ultimate goal—revenue generation.

Get a Pipeline Assessment
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How You Benefit

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LEARNfrom a certified team of experienced pipeline marketers.

OPTIMIZEteam and budget by aligning activities to pipeline results.

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DEVELOPbetter reporting metrics for campaign improvement.

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MEASUREmarketing-sourced and -influenced pipeline revenue.

What We Do

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Activities Assessment
& Planning
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Email Nurturing
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Generation Campaigns
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Full-funnel Content Development & Rich-media
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& Social Media
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Creative Design
& Rebranding
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Webinar Development
& Marketing
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Reporting & Ongoing Improvement Recommendations

Brainrider Services

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Shift to a Pipeline Approach

If you’re looking to build and execute a B2B marketing programs plan that aligns activities to pipeline metrics, we can help. Brainrider starts by assessing your business and marketing activities, and will work with you to create a plan that is focused on improving insight and driving business metrics.

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B2B Pipeline Optimization

Our pipeline optimization services are designed to diagnose gaps in your marketing mix and create more opportunities for your customers to demonstrate purchase intent. We will set you up to effectively measure marketing-generated revenue, marketing-influenced revenue and campaign ROI. We’ll also help you plan, run, create and test better B2B marketing programs that hit your goals.

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Pipeline Health Check

Designed to examine integrated Pardot and Salesforce implementations that have been active for a year or more, the Health Check will provide analysis and recommendations to reduce friction within the various segments of the pipeline, address technical issues and provide a focus for new sales and B2B marketing programs. This service includes:

  • Website analytics review
  • Pardot technical audit
  • Pardot practices and process audit
  • Salesforce practices and process audit
  • Salesforce sales and marketing results review

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Run an ABM Pilot

Account-based marketing (ABM) is delivering very positive results for the companies who are practicing it effectively. If you’re looking to start building an ABM strategy, our team can help you through the process of partnering with Sales and executing a 90-day pilot, as well as with a plan to expand and scale.

What They're Saying

“Brainrider played an instrumental role in helping us define and optimize our SEM strategy.”

Casper Wong

COO and Co-Founder, Financeit

“Brainrider’s recommendations put us on a course to best identify what our prospects needed, how we could get it to them, and how to turn them into customers.”

Kristin Spiewak

Marketing Director, Transnational