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Close More Valuable Accounts

The numbers are in, ABM is driving pipeline results for B2B marketers. In fact, the 2017 ABM Benchmark study conducted by it ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance found that 87% of ABM marketers say that it provides higher ROI than other strategies.

As targets for sales and marketing teams become more aggressive, ABM helps align companies around the same revenue goal and provides a strategy to hit those numbers. But this requires organizational change. B2B marketers and sales teams must adopt new practices, change up the marketing mix, and focus on hitting targets together. If you’re looking for some help getting aligned or executing ABM campaigns, Brainrider can help.

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How You Benefit

ALIGNsales & marketing around the same revenue goals.

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FOCUSon accounts that deliver the greatest lifetime value.

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INCREASE ROIwith account-based sales and marketing campaigns.

What We Do

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Ideal Customer &
Target Account List Development
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Sales & Marketing
Alignment and SLAs
Content Creation
& Customization
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Website Customization
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Lead Generation and
Nurturing Programs
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Reporting Dashboards
& Measurement
Demandbase & ABM
Platform Optimization
& Program Execution

What They're Saying

“Brainrider played an instrumental role in helping us define and optimize our SEM strategy.”

Casper Wong

COO and Co-Founder, Financeit

“Brainrider’s recommendations put us on a course to best identify what our prospects needed, how we could get it to them, and how to turn them into customers.”

Kristin Spiewak

Marketing Director, Transnational