Creating a Winning B2B Subscriber Welcome Email


You’ve done the hard work of convincing your prospect to subscribe to your email newsletter – great job! But don’t stop there. This is the time when your subscriber’s interest is the highest and your company is top of mind. Keep the momentum going and immediately send a winning welcome email.

Have you ever arrived at an event and immediately wanted to turn around because you didn’t feel welcome? A good host ensures their guests are comfortable as soon as they arrive – they take your coat, tell you where to get a beverage, and connect you with people they think you would enjoy meeting. An effective welcome email is a lot like that host – it helps to set expectations, communicate benefits, and seeks to better understand the type of content that interests each individual subscriber.

Since the welcome email gets more eyeballs and engagement, as well as sets the tone for the subscriber’s content experience, it is an important email to get right. No pressure, right? Here’s how effective a winning welcome email can be:

  • Welcome emails have over four times as many opens and clicks than other types of marketing emails:
  • Welcome emails can help identify more opportunities that result in wins: 320% more revenue is attributed to welcome emails than other promotional emails (Wordstream)


Some companies fail to leverage the massive opportunity of sending a well-crafted welcome email and instead send a plain looking subscription confirmation like this:

subscriber welcome email

Don’t be one of these companies! This is a huge missed opportunity that any B2B company can take advantage of to get an edge on their competition.


Here are the three tested best practices for creating the perfect welcome email that will drive clicks and open rates and move your prospects further down the marketing funnel.


Tip #1: Grab their attention with email marketing fundamentals

 Use a personalized greeting (e.g. Welcome Jon!).

Use an actionable subject line between 61 – 70 characters (Campaign Monitor). Keeping the subject line short ensures it gets read and doesn’t get cut off on mobile and different devices.

Make good on any material that was promised when the subscriber signed up (e.g. “As promised, here is your marketer’s toolkit.”).


Tip #2:  Get the subscriber excited about what’s to come

Communicate the benefits your subscriber can expect to receive in future emails, whether it be exclusive promotions or deals, how-to guides, inspirational ideas or the latest news in the industry. Setting your subscriber’s expectations from the get-go will reduce the chance of them hitting the unsubscribe button, or worse yet, flagging your content as SPAM.


Tip #3: Include a variety of content to start understanding your subscriber’s interests

subscriber welcome email

Pipeline marketing is all about understanding your customer’s needs and pains while moving them down the marketing funnel.

If your subscriber opens the welcome email, keep track of the links they click and use that information to segment contacts based on their interests. It is best practice to include at least one piece of content, targeting the top-, middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel, that way you’re able to gauge what buying stage the subscriber falls into. Using this strategy also helps you increase click-through-rate (CTR) by offering newsletter subscribers a range of relevant content choices that appeal to them.

Refer to the following diagrams to better understand what type of content is most relevant at each stage of the marketing funnel. To learn more about what counts as top-, middle- and bottom-of-funnel content, read B2B Content Ideas: A Cheat Sheet.  

subscriber welcome email

You’ve got a winning welcome email

With typically higher open rates and engagement of any other marketing email sent, the welcome email is not one to be overlooked. Treat your subscriber lists as special guests and give them the warm welcome that will keep them coming back for more.  



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subscriber welcome email

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