Video: Implementing Pardot Webinar


How To Prepare For Your Pardot Implementation

This practical “how to” review is designed to help you avoid the pitfalls and successfully implement Pardot, so you can attract, convert, nurture and qualify more leads. Watch this webinar and learn what you need before setting up your Pardot Implementation.

Next Steps:

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Webinar Outline:

  • Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform
  • Why Implement Pardot
  • Planning A Successful Implementation
  • What You Need To Do To Get Ready
    • Identify measurable marketing priorities
    • Establish current performance
    • Gather key marketing asset and process information
    • Get team aligned
  • Identify Marketing Objectives
  • Setting Measurable Objectives & Benchmarks
  • Key Questions To Prepare For Implementation
    • Inventory of marketing tactics that you use?
    • How many forms and landing pages do you have?
    • How many email templates
    • How large is your marketing database?
    • How large is your CRM database?
    • How do you handle marketing to sales handoffs?
    • How does your sales team qualify leads?
  • Pardot Implementation Team Involvement
  • Checklist to QuickStart Pardot
    • What to go over in your first 30 days
  • Using Pardot for Better Marketing
  • Marketing Optimization Checklist
    • Attract & acquire
    • Nurture prospects
    • Qualify sales readiness
  • What To Avoid
    • Spending too much time on the technology
    • Falling into complexity
    • Not prioritizing objectives
    • Not investing