Top 5 sessions to attend at B2BMX 2020

By: Jon Kane

We’re so excited for this year’s B2BMX in Scottsdale, Arizona. The conference is sure to be full of insightful ideas and inspiration to apply to your marketing in 2020. Not sure what sessions to attend?

We’ve rounded up the top 5 sessions if you’re looking for engaging speakers with practical advice you can apply today.


The total economic impact of email signature marketing
Speakers: Kimberly Bird, Kforce and Justin Keller, Sigstr | MONDAY FEB 24, 2:20PM – 3:00PM

The thing that sets B2BMX apart from other conferences is how the organizers showcase marketing practitioners with authentic stories, who are speaking from personal experience, sharing case studies, and demonstrating real results. Justin Keller is a great, engaging presenter who is sure to provide great insight along with Kimberly Bird of Kforce. I’m especially looking forward to this one to see how the widely-under appreciated real estate of email signatures can be used more effectively.


Decoding B2B buying behavior: How to contextualize messaging for hyper-personalization
Speakers: Jessie Johnson, SiriusDecisions and Renee Irion, SiriusDecisions | TUESDAY FEB 25, 10:45AM – 11:15AM

Brainrider has been preaching a shift from personalization (using personal data to inform marketing) to relevance (using insights of pain points to inform marketing) in order to connect with your audience in more meaningful and authentic ways and provide solutions they’re looking for, so I’m very interested to hear more about what SiriusDecisions has to say about how context plays a part in driving results. My notebook is ready!


Beyond personas and avatars: How businesses that “get” their customers, get better customers
Speaker: Jeffrey Shaw, Jeffrey Shaw LLC | TUESDAY FEB 25, 11:25AM – 12:10PM

For years, Brainrider (and our clients) have been committed to marketing that is customer focused — we strive to attain a more holistic understanding of what the ideal customer looks like, what pain points they are experiencing and how we can apply those findings to drive improvement. I’m looking forward to hearing Jeffrey’s perspective, which I suspect will be very aligned with our way of thinking. I love the idea of moving beyond a persona to get a deeper understanding and how that can help forge a better relationship with your customer through authenticity.


Shortening speed to revenue by breaking the complexity of sales enablement
Speaker: Roderick Jefferson, Roderick Jefferson & Associates | TUESDAY FEB 25, 4:30PM – 5:15PM

Rod’s session ticks many of the boxes for common pains felt by many of the clients Brainrider works with, which got me interested immediately. How to improve alignment with sales? Check. How to connect marketing efforts to revenue results? Check. How to measure results in a way that is aligned with business objectives? Check. That would be enough. You had me at hello! But no, there’s more. We get insights around onboarding sales teams to be aligned with all the above? Count me in! I look forward to sharing these insights with our clients, as the disconnect between sales and marketing is common.


How AI is already impacting every stage of buyer engagement
Speakers: Pam Didner, Relentless Pursuit, LLC | WEDNESDAY FEB 26, 8:40AM – 9:10AM

We’ve gotten to the part of the current martech development cycle where AI is being appended to every tool, whether you want it or not. Yet AI, and the benefits it offers, is widely misunderstood by the majority of B2B marketers. A voice of reason is needed! Look no further than Pam Didner. I can’t wait for her session where she promises to add some much needed context to how AI really can impact sales and marketing.



How today’s marketing leaders drive better revenue and customer growth
Speaker: Jon Kane, Brainrider and Jessica Garrett, KORE Wireless | MONDAY FEB 24, 1:30 – 2:10 PM

I know what you’re thinking. UGH. This guy again? I know! I feel the same way. However, besides attending the great sessions B2BMX has to offer, the main reason I’m flying to Scottsdale is so that I can stand on stage with Jessica Garrett, a marketing leader that I’ve been lucky to work with for the last three and a half years. In this session, we’re going to talk about how to tie organizational goals to marketing results and how to build a marketing team that can keep you in a job. It’ll be about how to build relationships with the C-suite and the different types of capabilities a modern marketing team needs. The session will be filled with real examples as well as useful frameworks you can use to streamline your workflow and teams to be more collaborative and agile. It’ll be good to see you there.


We hope this roundup helped you streamline your agenda for B2BMX. Do you have other sessions that are top of mind for you? Share them with us on Twitter @brainrider.

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Jon Kane

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