Top 5 sessions to attend at B2B Marketing Expo California 2019

By: Jon Kane

The B2B Marketing Expo makes its way to California this year, bringing together over 10,000 B2B marketers from across the globe looking to expand their business and network with other professionals. 

With so many exciting and innovative speaker sessions available, we’ve created a list of the top 5 sessions we think you should check out to bring your B2B marketing expertise to the next level. 


Silos: The kryptonite of business growth—why marketing leaders are best positioned to address
Speakers: Lynn Hunsaker and Jake Dacillo | Wed Oct 2, Keynote Theater – 2:00pm

The best way to align your marketing and sales is creating a shared mindset focused on driving efforts towards accomplishing a customer-centric objective. As soon as marketing and sales are thinking “How can I best serve our customers?” rather than “How can I best position our product/service?”, that’s when you start to get alignment, cooperation, and collaboration. This session will be packed with insights to help facilitate that change in perspective.


The day marketing held sales accountable
Speaker: Darryl Praill | Wed Oct 2, Keynote Theater – 3:30pm

Sales enablement is a central part of building better sales and marketing alignment and this case study should be a great introduction to the steps required to build that bridge with sales. Of course, once you’ve gotten the key takeaways from this session, the next question is: how do you build an effective marketing enablement strategy? What does that mean for the sales team? We recommend checking out our Marketing Leader’s Guide to Pipeline Marketing webinar for some great answers to those questions..


Content that helps buyers navigate the dark underbelly of buying decisions
Speaker: Ardath Albee | Wed Oct 2, Keynote Theater – 11:45am

Content creation can sometimes seem like a vast ocean, so how do you keep your content focused on the right areas? Too many B2B organizations prioritize their content development efforts on the awareness stage of the funnel, rather than thinking of building out a full buyer’s journey, and driving momentum towards sales readiness. Ardath Albee’s session will provide the insights you need to broaden the impact of your content development efforts, and build relationships with sales.


Empathetic content: The key to building lasting customer relationships
Speaker: Laura Ramos | Wed Oct 2, Keynote Theater – 2:45pm

Laura’s session will provide great insight on how B2B content development needs to come from driving personalized experiences. Your content should be tailored to specific customer needs and pains in order to really connect with your audience and build trust. This will help drive that shift from talking about your benefits to focusing on your customers, which is key in putting out any effective content. Not to mention, Laura Ramos is a riot on stage—this will be a fun one.


A new age of direct mail: How to develop campaigns and prove your impact
Speakers: Hayley Ferrante and James Leedom | Wed Oct 2, Theater 2 – 12:30pm

I’m old enough to remember when I hated getting mail and was excited to get email. Now it’s the other way around! I have a mass of filters in place to avoid getting too much email, and any time I get physical mail, it’s a novelty. Direct mail has always been a key part of any marketing mix, but with the volume of email increasing, and ABM being a focus for many, direct mail has never been more valuable. This session will help drive your direct mail strategy into 2020.



Aligning your content and tactics to the buyer’s journey: Practical ways to get better pipeline results
Speaker: Scott Armstrong | Thurs Oct 3, Theater 6 – 2:00pm

The one thing that Brainrider preaches above all else is shifting from a product focus (“Me, me, me!”) to a customer focus (“You, you, you!”) — it’s paramount in content marketing, product marketing, and perhaps most importantly, in how your teams view their role within the organization. Better pipeline results start with creating content that addresses all aspects of your customer’s needs and pains, regardless of where they are in the decision making process. Brainrider’s very own Scott Armstrong will explain how to impact your revenue, pipeline performance, and program optimization through a full content experience that follows the life-cycle of the buyer’s journey, and how those efforts can be integrated into better aligned marketing tactics. 


We hope B2B Marketing Expo leaves you with some great takeaways to transform your marketing for 2020. 

Need a B2B pick-me-up while you’re at the expo? Stop by the Brainrider booth (#1350) where we’ll be serving free coffee and tips on how to align your content and marketing tactics to the buyer’s journey. Get your free pass here.

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Jon Kane

Jon Kane

Director of Client Service

Jon has spent his career proving how a deep understanding of customer needs can be combined with creativity and technology to help drive real business results. At Brainrider, a B2B digital marketing agency, he leads a team of B2B marketers dedicated to creating strong client relationships while helping to build their marketing and sales pipeline. Jon’s experience of B2B marketing, web, content and technology allows him to provide key strategic input and guidance to clients of all sizes and in all industries.