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If you’re like many B2B marketers out there, building a marketing plan is a paramount part of your strategy that requires time and care. But sometimes it can feel tricky identifying where to focus your efforts. When it comes to finding the right priorities for your next marketing initiative, tapping into the right resources can be a great way to get insight and spark inspiration.

Whether you’re looking to restructure your workflow or shift to more strategic thinking and planning, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite B2B business and marketing resources to help you bring the right perspective to your next marketing endeavor. As always, we hope you find them helpful. 


Harvard Business Review

Scott Armstrong

Harvard Business Review is a fantastic resource for continual learning and strategic thinking and planning.

– Scott Armstrong, CEO & Partner


Cutting edge and always practical, Harvard Business Review (HBR) is my go-to resource for innovative thought leadership and strategic thinking. They provide great ideas on how to affect change that I can implement immediately, whether that be at Brainrider or with our clients. HBR also provides excellent off-the-shelf core developmental reading that’s useful for any marketer. Their 10 Best guides are perfect for anyone looking to think more strategically. I also highly recommend their podcast. I listen to it religiously. With a great wealth of valuable resources, HBR is the place for new ideas with practical application. 

Ideal for: Leaders in any organization as they try to continually learn, managers who are starting to think and plan more strategically. 

Must read: Marketing myopia, featured in HBR’s 10 must reads on strategic marketing


Marketing Profs

Esha Khan

“It’s the complete package in terms of B2B business and marketing resources. It offers intel and training for a wide range of digital marketing topics.”

– Esha Khan, Senior B2B Marketing Manager

A lot is happening in marketing, especially with digital. MarketingProfs covers all of your bases. 

Their site provides great resources and training to inform the different stages of your marketing endeavors, from strategy and planning to creation and analysis. It covers mainstream topics like email marketing and CRMs, but also touches upon more specialized tactics like podcasting and AI that fewer people in the B2B space may be thinking of. Plus, their site allows you quickly filter though the content by type, topics, recency etc. to locate what you really need. It’s like shopping for content. It’s a great feature, especially since MarketingProfs has such an extensive library of information. 

Ideal for: All digital marketers, including content marketers, ABM marketers, and social media marketers. Anyone interested in digital marketing at any level.

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Lorna Antoniazzi

“With its in-depth library of helpful resources, HubSpot isn’t just talking the talk, it’s walking the walk.”

– Lorna Antoniazzi, B2B Marketing Manager


You’d be hard-pressed to find a resource that competes with HubSpot’s volume of relevant marketing content. But that’s not surprising—as a top marketing and sales automation platform provider, HubSpot has a lot to live up to. HubSpot’s articles are helpful and snappy, plus each one comes with the approximate time it takes to read (thank you, HubSpot).

But the best part is this: as a provider, HubSpot gets a sneak peek on cutting edge trends. Their content comes directly from questions their users ask them, and you can bet that their business and marketing resources will always be pertinent to what’s top of mind for marketers today. 

Ideal for: Digital marketers (in and out of the technical weeds), sales teams, content and creative mavens.

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Demand Gen Report 

Anna Tannas Brainrider

“If you’re looking for a reliable B2B marketing resource, you’ll want to bookmark the Demand Gen Report website—be prepared to get sucked into a learning vortex.”

– Anna Tannas, Senior Marketing Manager

Demand Gen Report has their finger on the pulse of the challenges marketers are facing today. Their industry reports, which have become a benchmark in the B2B marketing sphere, drive a lot of the content on their website as well as the themes at their events (see you at B2BMX!).

Their webinars and webinar series are particularly great, often featuring seasoned B2B marketers speaking about topics and trends that are top of mind for marketers today. Approaching all of their content with care, the team at Demand Gen Report ensure every topic goes through a strict vetting process so that it’s relevant and valuable for their audience. This makes their resources super helpful and timely. So much so, I often find myself thinking they’re reading my mind. 

Now that’s good marketing.

Ideal for: Digital marketers, content marketers, those interested in demand and lead generation, senior leaders, and marketing and sales executives

Must watch: 2019 Strategy & Planning Series (heads up, it’s gated)

Must read: The B2B CMO Balancing Act: 13 Top CMOs Share Insights On Shifting Priorities For Teams, Tech And Customer Experience (not gated, read away)



Jon Kane Brainrider

“The best resource for introducing video into your B2B marketing mix, bar none.”

– Jon Kane, Director of Client Services


I’m a superfan of Wistia. People make fun of me, because they don’t understand. They don’t know the depth of my admiration and love for Wistia, so they can’t understand. 

Here’s what I know that they don’t: Wistia has a team of the best B2B content marketers on the planet, period. 

The fact that there are still B2B marketers that don’t know about Wistia’s content library is a crime. If you want to introduce video into your marketing mix (and you should), please don’t be one of those people. 

I urge you to go visit their site and spend some time with their content library. Do you see how they share their expertise in a way that is accessible to the novice? Notice how they solve real customer problems, across different points in the buyer journey? Isn’t it great how they are both helpful and have a clearly defined point of view? Isn’t it great how the culture of their organization, the humor and intelligence of their team positively drips from the screen? Go, now, fall in love with them too.

Ideal for: Any digital marketer that wants to get started with in-house video production

Must read/watch: How to write a video script


We hope you found this resource roundup helpful. If you’re anything like us, any opportunity to get the creative juices flowing gets you excited for projects you’re working on, and ones on the horizon.

This link roundup is part of our series featuring our favorite B2B marketing resources. Stay tuned for more! Missed our last one on the best content and creative resources? Read it here. 


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