B2B Social Media: 2 Key Questions


Let us show you how to get started with your social media programs approach

Before you get started with a B2B social media program (or if you’re already up and running, but feeling a little disoriented), make sure you have a good answer to the following 2 Critical Questions:

  1. Why is the company investing in social media marketing programs?
  2. Which measurable marketing or business objectives will your social media program support?

If you go into it with unclear or unmeasurable goals, you will have a hard time assessing success or failure. If you don’t align the program with a business objective metric, you’ll have a very difficult time securing and defending senior level support (and likely budget).

Having a hard time answering? See some examples of how Brainrider would approach these questions

Example 1.

Our company is investing in social media to build stronger relationships with existing customers by leveraging our specialized expertise. The social media program will increase the visibility of our internal Subject Matter Experts and enable measurement of which content themes and topics our customers find most valuable.

Example 2.
Our company is investing in social media to connect with a greater number of prospects than we are currently reaching through traditional channels. The social media program is expected to reduce our overall cost-per-prospect and increase the number of total qualified prospects in the top of the pipeline.

See how answering these two questions instantly starts to shape HOW you will engage in social networks, and with whom? It’s not unlike coming up with an engagement game plan for your event team before you set them loose at an industry trade show.

Next steps:

Creating engaging content for your customers is no easy task. To learn how Brainrider can develop content that will help you reach your goals, request a proposal now.

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