Setting B2B Marketing Objectives For 2014


Are you setting the right marketing objectives for your B2B planning?

Setting B2B Marketing Objectives for 2014 is a key part of B2B marketing planning. This resource provides three frameworks to help you.

For most B2B marketers B2B Lead Generation both quality and volume tops the list of their business priorities.

Measuring your pipeline performance

But the key to developing a successful B2B marketing plan is breaking the business objective of lead generation down into a prioritized list of lead generation challenges and measurable objectives.

  • Filling your funnel
  • Nurturing your funnel
  • Qualifying more prospects as sales ready.

The key questions to ask when prioritizing your lead generation challenges include:

  1. Does our marketing database/prospecting list include enough of the market to meet our lead generation objective? If we have enough names in the database then ask…
  2. What percentage of our database has recently been active? Is that percentage enough to reach our lead generation goals? If you have enough active leads then ask…
  3. Are we qualifying enough of our active leads as sales ready?

Setting measurable objectives and qualifying your customers

Once you have identified and prioritized your lead generation challenges then setting B2B marketing objectives for 2014 and associated performance metrics becomes an easier exercise using the chart listed:

If you need to fill the top of your pipeline than your top objectives are to attract more qualified traffic and convert it into qualified marketing prospects. The main metrics to benchmark your performance against are active visitors and new prospects. You should start your planning by focusing on generating more inbound awareness, developing and merchandising more content and better offers, and optimizing your landing pages and forms.

If your database already contains enough qualified marketing prospects than your marketing plan needs to prioritizing activating and profiling those prospects. The main metric to benchmark your performance is increasing the number of active prospects. This number includes prospects that have clicked on an email link, visited your website, viewed or downloaded content, or completed a form. If this is your priority start with a buyer focused database segmentation combined with timed nurturing programs.

Finally if your prospects are actively engaged with your marketing than your marketing plan needs to look at optimizing your sales readiness qualification programs. The main metric to benchmark is the number of prospects qualified as sales ready.  Key programs include implicit and explicit lead scoring optimization and optimizing your calls to action to capture various levels of sales readiness.

Get started and overcome your lead generation challenges

Prioritizing your lead generation challenges and setting B2B marketing objectives for 2014 is just the start. Your next steps include evaluating your existing program performance against your priorities, identifying gaps and new buyer-centric programs to test and roll-out, looking at program diagnostics, and reporting performance.

Check out our lead generation planning template for more inspiration or please contact us for more information about how we can help you get better results in 2014.

Next Steps:

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