Outsourcing Marketing: a Quick Guide for B2B Marketers


Outsourcing marketing can be both a strategic and tactical decision for B2B marketers. This practical guide looks at 5 factors to consider when outsourcing marketing.

Website design, content creation, advertising, email campaigns, social media, SEO, reporting results, scoring, and grading, all these B2B marketing activities — while critically important – take lots of resources and expertise. According to MarketingSherpa, 62% of B2B marketers say lack of resources presents their greatest barrier to success. It’s no wonder that 53% of surveyed marketing executives plan to outsource their marketing, according to the Harvard Business Review.

What’s right for your organization?

Outsourcing Marketing: 5 Considerations

  1. Add expertise and bandwidth to your marketing team

    It takes a wide range of expertise to plan, execute, and manage B2B marketing. This expertise include copywriting and content development, graphic design, video production, website design and development, website management, HTML coding, web analytics, email design, email coding, email analytics, landing page and form optimization, database management, search engine optimization, social media publishing and tracking, results reporting and analysis, and more.

  2. Manage your marketing technology

    B2B marketing also relies on a wide range of technology, including: marketing automation, email testing, website management and analytics, search engine optimization tools, social media publishing and tracking, PPC Advertising, keyword research tools, and more.

  3. Rapidly scale your budget, team, and activity

    B2B marketing budgets often change quarterly or even monthly. Outsourcing allows you to increase or decrease your resourcing, execution, and spending in-real-time. This capability will help manage high-growth or competitive markets without sacrificing execution, expertise, or capability.

  4. Benchmark your strategy, planning and execution against best practices

    Working on multiple clients and projects gives a marketing services provider deeper experience and knowledge to benchmark your strategy, planning, and execution. 100% of their focus will be on industry best practice and how to apply it to your business to generate better results.

  5. Deliver accountability and focus

    Successful marketing takes strategy, planning and execution. But without executional focus, the best strategy and planning won’t make a difference. In order to keep your business, your marketing services partner needs to deliver and this accountability helps ensure thoughtful, timely marketing execution.

Outsourcing Marketing: Next Steps

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