Writing a Marketing Automation Requirements Document


Understand your needs and pain points before diving into your Marketing Automation

Writing a marketing automation requirements document is an important part of building the case for buying and implementing a marketing automation solution. One of the biggest challenges is articulating your needs in order to secure internal buy-in from IT, the web team, and other stakeholders.B2B marketing typically involves complex buyer journeys, requiring the consideration of multiple multiple personas, potential pathways and decision-makers along the way. How can you understand the pain points and meet the needs of each persona at every stage of the decision-making journey?

This resource, a practical guide to “writing a marketing automation requirements document“, is meant to provide you with sample content and structure for your own Marketing Automation Requirements Document, and includes clear, simple articulation of the most common business and technical requirements a marketing team will need to articulate. You are welcome to copy and repurpose as much of this document as you like. It is organized into a number of helpful sections outlining key marketing automation requirements:

Business Requirements:

  • Automation
  • Email
  • Forms and Landing Page
  • Activity Tracking
  • Sales CRM Integration

Technical Requirements:

  • Marketing Database
  • Email Marketing
  • Reporting

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