Marketing Automation Optimization Checklist


Identify your marketing automation gaps and fill them

This checklist is designed to help you identify gaps in your marketing automation implementation and management. It is based on practices we have developed and executed for our clients. Click the link below to download a working copy of this checklist to share with your team.

1. Start with a 60-second lead review processidentify activity that fits your target definition and optimize:

checkbox  Campaigns that are attracting and acquiring qualified prospects
checkbox  Inbound search terms that are attracting qualified prospects
checkbox  Offers, forms and landing pages that are acquiring qualified prospects

2. Optimize the following inbound marketing programs to attract & acquire more leads:

checkbox  SEO content publishing
checkbox  Content merchandizing on your home page
checkbox  Content merchandizing on your sub-pages
checkbox  Tiered calls-to-action
checkbox  Better landing pages & forms

3. Optimize the following lead nurturing programs:

checkbox  Form-triggered thank you content
checkbox  Form-triggered auto-responders
checkbox  Visit-triggered “we miss you” content
checkbox  Activity-triggered drips
checkbox  Calendar-triggered content updates

4. Optimize the following sales readiness programs to qualify your prospects:

checkbox  Sales readiness content
checkbox  Sales readiness calls-to-action
checkbox  Sales readiness activity tracking
checkbox  Target definition lead reviews

5. Develop customer-focused content that is findable, useful and valuable:

checkbox  Plan your content using a customer-focused framework
checkbox  Publish content that is findable using accurate titles and descriptions
checkbox  Nurture prospects through the sales funnel with engaging and useful content
checkbox  Develop content valuable enough to trigger a form completion and download
checkbox  Measure performance to identify which content assets, topics & categories are working

6. Optimize your website to align it with your objectives:

checkbox  Design page templates to prioritize important messages and calls-to-action
checkbox  Optimize sitemap and navigation to better guide users
checkbox  Feature content and calls-to-action throughout your site
checkbox  Use RSS feeds for content publishing
checkbox  Code your site to minimize technical SEO errors, like unreadable URLs and broken redirects

We would love your input and feedback on this checklist in order to make it more useful, so feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

Next Steps:

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