How to balance social impact with B2B business goals


Key takeaways from the 2020 LesbiansWhoTech Pride Summit


Balancing Financial Goals with Social Impact & Other Leadership Lessons

Rose Marcario, CEO, Patagonia interviewed by Tech Journalist Kara Swisher

While Rose Marcario, former CEO of Patagonia, speaks from a B2C perspective, she highlights important takeaways that are applicable to B2B businesses looking to balance financial goals with meaningful social impact. 

Marcario believes brands should not shy away from political issues and activism under the apprehension of wanting to please all. The role of companies in advancing social issues as a society is paramount. There is a power behind the voice of good corporate actors. For corporations that worry about being oppositional, she focuses on taking it issue by issue and focusing your business’s attention that way, to avoid polarization.

A good step for corporations looking to improve is to be part of the benefit corporation movement. Marcario explains that a benefit corporation is designated to a company that organizes against a specific legal framework and takes an assessment where a certain score certifies the business in areas such as governance, the environment, community impact, etc. Marcario believes that this process holds corporations to an important standard that promotes growth and allows for better corporate citizenship that directly has a positive impact on employees.

For Marcario, corporations must take an active role, otherwise its complicity destroys democracy that damages society as a whole. Businesses need to do something actionable.

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