How to run an effective webinar

By: Lorna Antoniazzi

What does it take to run an effective and helpful webinar? webinar best practices guide

Webinars can be fantastic, repeatable assets that can fit smoothly into any content calendar. But there are a number of logistics your team should address before you begin. This guide outlines a step-by-step process to creating a webinar that resonates with your audience and provides value.

This guide covers:

– What webinar platforms you can use.
– What webinar formats best works for your purposes.
– How to choose the right topic and relevant content based on your audience target.
– The right marketing campaign and cadence to use to best engage with prospects before and after the webinar.


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Lorna Antoniazzi

Lorna Antoniazzi

As an Account Strategist at Brainrider, Lorna Antoniazzi specializes in taking creative approaches to tricky problems. Her day-to-day involves working alongside clients to develop and refine B2B strategies and navigate the technicalities of pipeline marketing. Whether it’s optimizing a marketing automation platform, finessing your lead flow in a CRM, or organizing intent-driven website, content or creative development, Lorna can help guide clients to better results.