The complete guide to filming talking head videos

By: Leena Salem

Videos are a great way to engage with your audience. They diversify your content library and are proven to be the most effective medium for communicating ideas to your audience, with viewers retaining 95% of messages in a video compared to 10% in text

guide to filming talking head videos zoom best practices teleconferencing tools

One of the best ways to take advantage of this powerful format is through a talking-head video that features someone speaking to the camera, either directly facing it or slightly to the side, interview style.

This guide outlines some helpful tips such as:

– Best practices for quality filming
– How to film on an iPhone or mobile device
– How to film using Zoom, Skype or other teleconferencing tools
– Additional tips to optimize your video quality

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Leena Salem

Leena Salem

Leena Salem is the Senior Motion Designer at Brainrider. Working in close collaboration with the Creative Director, she conceptualizes and creates motion graphics and videos for various clients with a focus on B2B marketing. She also leads and develops outward facing visual content for the Brainrider brand for web and social media channels.