The 5 Key Elements of Content Strategy for B2B Marketing


Develop the most effective content strategy

Developing effective content strategy for B2B marketing is on everyone’s to-do list these days. But creating content that delivers results is not easy. Spending a bit of time up-front to develop a better B2B content marketing strategy will ensure you have accommodated the 5 key elements into your content strategy for B2B marketing effectiveness.

5 key elements of B2B content strategy

  • Prioritizing measurable objectives
  • Articulating the business you’re in using customer terms
  • Profiling your target customer segments
  • Identifying content that’s working now
  • Developing content aligned with what your customer wants to know

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Webinar Transcript

Understanding “What your customer wants to know” is the strategic question we ask in order to apply discipline around this best practice. Here are four ways to profile what your customer wants to know

1. Start by looking at your web analytics.

Google analytics is a great place to start tracking customer activity on your site. It can show you where your traffic is coming from and what a search term was used to get to your site. Look for terms that indicate what a visitor was looking to understand.

2. Ask colleagues who speak directly with your customers.

Sales, customer support, and product management are great places to start. They often have a real understanding of what customers want to know. A small team brainstorm or in-person conversation are great techniques to get at this information. We use questions like these:

What are your 3 best client opportunities? Who is your best customer? What are the questions they ask? What are more questions that get asked? What are the more general questions they want to know?
What information would they love to get?
What industry information do they search for? Where else do they go?
What are they trying to solve? What do they care about?
3. Ask your customers about what they want to know.

Put a search box on every page of your site and tracking searches using Pardot. Consider a call to action such as “Ask our experts”. Ask new prospects, existing customers, or customers who use your competitors. Non-customers can give you great insights about what they want to know.

4. Listen to questions asked in other places.

For example industry forums, LinkedIn groups, tradeshows, association message boards, and industry publications can all be a source of customer insight.

Using these easy research approaches start to build a list of what your customer wants to know and how to create more relevant, findable and valuable content!