B2B Email Newsletter Content Ideas


Choose the right content by setting measurable objectives for your newsletter

This better marketing resource includes practical ideas to help you develop B2B newsletter content as part of your 2013 marketing plan.

Measurable marketing objectives will help you choose content for your newsletter and then effectively measure its results. For example, if your priority is nurturing prospects already in your database to generate qualified sales leads, then your goal is to engage them with relevant content that triggers measureable prospect activity. Ignore marketing diagnostics that don’t help you measure prospect engagement, such as the quantity of newsletters sent, unsubscribes, and open rates.

To measure results for the objective of nurturing prospects and generating qualified sales activity, the most meaningful metric is click-through-rate (CTR). This metric shows engagement that triggered prospect activity, so you should aim for content ideas that generate better qualified-prospect click-through-rates.

B2B Buyer decision map. If your customer is asking:, What’s my problem, How do I fix my problem, Are you right for me, They want:, Education & Thought Leadership, Solutions & Product Suitability, Credentials & Decision Support, What to share with them:, Trends, Benchmarks, Analyst coverage, 101 Education, How to guides, How other people are solving this, What is the solution & how does it work, Solution comparisons, Pitfall analysis, Readiness & suitability assessments, How do I choose a vendor, Pricing, Bench strength , demonstration, Case studies, ROI/TCO , How to buy, Working with us

Get better engagement by focusing on what your audience wants to know

In practice, this means using content engaging enough to get newsletter readers to click on a link and read more. Use less content about you and more content focused on what your audience wants to know filtered through your value proposition. Here is a quick chart with examples of what customers want to know at each stage of their decision process:

Let your prospects choose their own B2B content adventure

B2B Email Newsletter Marketing Benchmarks from Silverpop. Emails with more than 21+ links generate more click-through (CTR)

Accurately predicting what prospects want is hard work and beyond the statistical accuracy of most B2B databases. Increase your click-through-rate (CTR) by offering newsletter readers a range of relevant content choices. The more links you include (in a user-friendly readable layout), the more engagement you will generate.  According to research from Silverpop, your newsletter should target 21+ links.

Test “Newest”, “Most Popular”, and “Recommended” content

Quickly scan websites and newsletters that are focused on generating reader engagement. For example, this picture shows the top right box on Business Week.  You will see three common approaches: “newest”, “most popular” and “recommended” content lists.  This is not surprising since “new”, “popular” and “recommended” are powerful marketing concepts.  Exploit them by using your analytics to identify most popular lists, most shared lists and add along with your newest content.

Choose third party content and test it

Subject matter expertise includes more than your complete set of published white papers. What you know about what other thought leaders are publishing on the trends, issues, and ideas in your category is a valuable resource and proof of your expertise. Go ahead and share links to 3rd party content, while always describing why you think it is worth reading.  3rd party content links are a great way to add relevant links to your newsletter and to test new concept ideas for future development.

Get better results with faster planning and better execution

To achieve better nurturing results, focus on faster content planning and better execution. Brainrider recommends using a practical development process to develop better content. This process includes: using a content development workshop to discuss customer needs and pains, organizing customer-focused content and replacing high-yield content formats (like lengthy whitepapers) with more effective marketing formats. To learn more, check out one of our content development webinars or contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Next steps:

Creating engaging content for your customers is no easy task. To learn how Brainrider can develop content that will help you reach your goals, request a proposal now.

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