The best web design and martech resources for B2B marketing


The B2B marketing world has undergone many shifts and changes in recent yearsAI and voice-search are now dominating conference talk tracks and how they will affect everything from targeting your customers to multi-modal content. Integrating these new ideas into your marketing strategy is all about having a finger on the pulse of what’s new and moving the needle. Incorporate these innovative ideas in a way that makes sense with your business goals and objectives, could make the difference.

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite web design and martech resources to help you get started. As always, we hope you find them helpful.



Scott Armstrong

“I’ve been learning from SiriusDecisions thinking and insights for more than 10 years.”

– Scott Armstrong, CEO & Partner


I love SiriusDecisions because it features great analysts focused on B2B as well as sales and marketing intelligence, but most importantly because they conduct their own primary research with a great bank of B2B clients. I always walk away with great insights. I recommend taking a look at the work from their featured analysts like Cheri Keith, who focuses on demand marketing and marketing communications, and Aly Motz, President and CEO of SiriusDecisions Canada.

Ideal for: Inbound sales professionals and marketers, sales VPs trying to generate more pipeline, and anyone managing by objectives and benchmarking their organization’s activities.

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Salesforce Pardot

Lyuba Petrenko“I love how versatile this resource is. It’s not just purely for Pardot admins or users. Marketers at any level will find something that’s useful and applicable here.”

– Lyuba Petrenko, Marketing Technology Manager


The Salesforce Pardot blog is a one-stop shop for everything Pardot-related and more. It’s also a great resource for new trends in B2B marketing, AI, tech, and more. Readers can get updates on new Pardot features, tips and tricks, as well as inspiration from peers at other companies or agencies on how they’re using the tool or what solutions they came up with for various roadblocks. It’s a fantastic thought-sharing platform. If you’re feeling stuck and aren’t sure how to resolve a problem, you can be sure to find a solution from a peer on how to overcome it.

Ideal for: Pardot users at any level, whether you’re looking to get your Pardot certificate or you’re a Marketing Manager looking for new ideas in the marketing automation world. Also great for anyone interested in Pardot, B2B marketing or sales.

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Seer Interactive

Jon Kane Brainrider

“Seer Interactive’s blog features the most in-depth and process-driven breakdowns of proven SEO and data analysis strategies.”

– Jon Kane, Executive Director of Client Services


I’ve read Seer’s blog for years. Initially I was drawn there by the blog posts and videos by Seer’s founder, Wil Reynolds. He’s a compelling speaker who is smart and insightful, someone who isn’t afraid to have a distinct point of view. If you have the chance to see him live, his content is worth the price of admission alone.

More recently, I’ve noticed the rest of the folks at Seer Interactive have stepped up as well and are publishing home run content. While their posts focus primarily on digital advertising, SEO, and Google Analytics, there’s something here for any digital marketing practitioner looking for new ideas and perspectives to get into the weeds with.

Ideal for:Digital marketers looking to go deeper into SEO, paid search or analytics.

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Julia Evans Blog

Nathan House“Julia Evans’ blog helps me stay curious by asking the questions I sometimes haven’t yet thought to ask.”

– Nathan House, Web Developer


Julia Evans is a software developer living in Montreal, Canada. She writes thoughtful, succinct posts on a variety of technical topics. Regardless of the subject, her writing and illustrations are adept at demystifying technical jargon and breaking down confusing concepts through the use of humor and great examples. Though the material on her site is mostly related to web development, her straightforward approach means that the information is accessible to anyone who’s curious and interested in learning more about technology.

Ideal for: Developers interested in learning something new.

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BONUS: I recommend looking into one of her beautifully illustrated zines (which cover a range of topics, from titles like Help! I have a manager to Oh shit, Git!).


We hope you found this resource roundup helpful and provided some new ideas that you can bring into your web design and martech. 

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