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At Brainrider, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration and opportunities to expand our knowledge (and share it). When we’re not sharing dog GIFs with our team, we’re sharing links to resources we love. 

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that staying inspired and curious is key to staying sharp in B2B marketing. When it comes to content and creative, there’s a bevvy of resources to wade through. So which ones should you be paying more attention to?

We’ve rounded up our favorite resources specializing in content and creative to help you get started.


Content Marketing Institute


Siobhain O'Reilly“The go-to content hub for content creators and content marketers of every level.”

– Siobhain O’Reilly, Content Director


Whenever I want to catch up on the latest trends in content marketing or brush up on best practices, the Content Marketing Institute is my go-to resource. Not only is CMI the foremost authority and thought leader on all things content, they also have a vast library of content that’s focused on B2B. I love that CMI provides practical tips and tools you can actually use, whether it’s for strategy, planning or tactical execution.

Ideal for: Content marketers and content creators

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Content Marketing Institute Best Content Creative B2B Resources



Really Good Emails


Jon Kane Brainrider“Really Good Emails is the best source for email development inspiration, bar none.”

– Jon Kane, Director of Client Services


Email marketing remains a rock-solid digital marketing tactic and is grossly under-appreciated by B2B digital marketers. Really Good Emails is a great resource to spark ideas for new email designs and layouts. It has a great blog archive, and probably most importantly, has included the ability to inspect the code of the emails they feature. Email development is a skill best learned by building on the shoulders of others, and this is the most comprehensive repository of email designs anywhere on the web.

Ideal for: Email marketing practitioners, creatives looking for email design inspiration, and digital marketing generalists

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Really Good Emails Best Content and Creative Resources B2B


Inside Design by Invision App

Lucas Carmona Brainrider
Designers looking to get inspired or sharpen their knowhow should turn to Inside Design.”

Lucas Carmona, Creative Director

Inside Design is a great place for design inspiration and trends. All of the articles are written through a lens of design best practices, and it’s always up to date on what is at the forefront of the industry today. As a designer, it’s important to be well-rounded. Whether you’re working in B2B or B2C, understanding how the two worlds intersect and work independently is crucial to mastering design and UX fundamentals, which goes a long way for how you tackle any project. At Brainrider, I use this resource as a baseline for design best practices to make sure we are always executing the best we can for our users and providing an enjoyable experience throughout the buyer’s journey.

Ideal for: Creative directors and content designers

Must read: Putting customers at the center of design

Inside Design Invision App Best B2B Resources Content Creative


Convince and Convert

Anna Tannas Brainrider
“You can be sure to expect some great quick-witted and practical advice reflected in the C&C blog.”

Anna Tannas, Demand Generation Manager


Predominantly authored by digital marketing veteran and world-class dresser Jay Baer, the Convince and Convert blog is full of relevant and highly valuable marketing content focused around digital, social media, and content marketing.

Their weekly newsletter showcases their latest blog post along with other content pieces you may find worthwhile. I’m partial to this approach because here at Brainrider we place a lot of importance on giving power to your readers and allowing them to choose what content they want to dig into (you’ve probably heard us talking about choose-your-own-adventure content more than once). 

Ideal for: Digital marketers, content marketers, and those interested in influencer marketing and social selling

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convince convert best b2b resource content creative



We hope you found this resource roundup helpful. If you’re anything like us, any opportunity to get the creative juices flowing gets you excited for projects you’re working on, and ones on the horizon. So we hope these resources give you new perspective and insight.

This link roundup is part of our series featuring our favorite B2B marketing resources. Stay tuned for more!


Feel inspired to dig into some new content ideas? This cheat sheet is a great starting point for developing better B2B content that targets each stage of your prospect’s decision making process. 

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