B2B Website Best Practices


Key B2B website best practices

This B2B website best practices resource looks at real life examples of how to apply website design, content marketing, and lead generation and nurturing best practices to get better marketing results.

“Why do you have a website? What’s your goal? In other words, when it’s working great, what specific outcomes will occur?”
– Seth Godin

  • More effective calls to action
  • Site maps and organization
  • Customer-focused navigation and content
  • B2B Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If the purpose of your website is marketing your business, then its goal should be to help you generate more awareness, capture more prospects, nurture more prospects, and help to qualify them as sales ready. Brainrider best practice resources includes proven tips, best practices, and examples about how to get better results from your website, content, programs, and marketing automation platform.

This resource is intended for B2B hardware, software, IT, and services companies with specialized knowledge and subject matter expertise, who are not getting the lead generation results they want from their B2B website design.

If you are marketing a complex product or service and want B2B website best practices to get better lead generation and nurturing results, then Brainrider’s B2B website design best practices resource is designed for you.

Examples of B2B website recommendations

This B2B Website Best Practices Resource includes examples of the following recommendations:

  • More prominent and visible call-to-action placement
  • Using multiple calls-to-action per page
  • Targeting different levels of engagement: from “Contact Us” to “Subscribe to Our Newsletter”
  • Content focused on your customers’ needs and pains
  • Content organized by subject area instead of format
  • Content published using an RSS feed, so search engines see a quality content source
  • Optimized findability with titles, descriptions, and keywords
  • Content connected with what your customers are actually searching for
  • Key categories of content to include in your website such as “how to understand my problem” content, “how to solve my problem” content”, and “how to buy from you” content

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