A B2B guide to email drips: 5 example campaigns every marketer should know

By: Alison Drainie

B2B marketers know that email marketing can be a powerful lead nurturing tactic. But they also know how easy it can be to get wrong.

The most common culprit? Email campaigns that don’t resonate with your target audience and their pain points. But with some thoughtful planning, you can avoid that pitfall. With the right logic, automation, and segmentation, your drip campaigns can do all the heavy lifting in the background and while you come out with more qualified leads.

So where should you start? This guide will help you through all that planning and more.

B2B Guide to Email Drip Email Campaigns Email Marketing

Read this guide to learn more about:

– 5 types of effective B2B email drip campaigns 

– Suggested cadence, timing, and content for each type of campaign

– Examples of drip set-ups that you can easily recreate 

Get your direct download of the B2B Guide to Email Drips here.

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Alison Drainie

Alison Drainie

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