B2B Content Marketing Case Study: Software Solutions


A look into a content campaign using Marketing Automation

This B2B Content Marketing case study looks at how STR Software engages their prospects using content offers & marketing automation. Click here to download a working copy of your own B2B Content Marketing Strategy Template.

Next steps:

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B2B Content Marketing Case Study Presentation Transcript

1. B2B Content Marketing Case Study: How STR Software Engages Using Content Offers &Marketing Automation

2. Case Study: BI Publisher University STR Software has a ton of knowledge to share Objectives: generate leads, nurture leads, support sales by credentializing our expertise Educational approach: share free, relevant content related to our expertise. Evolved into BI Publisher University

3. Campaign Execution: Developed content and created a centralized “hub”of information with links to relevant content.

4. Pardot and BIP U: Began using Progressive Forms more extensively to capture data we can use for nurturing.

5. Pardot and BIP U: Put a Pardot form on the BIPU page itself creating a“subscription”opportunity to jump start opt-ins

6. Pardot and BIP U: Using Pardot Email Templates, created “autoresponder emails” that contain links to additional, related “What Next?” content.

7. Campaign Promotion: Campaign featured prominently in our home page carousel

8. Campaign Promotion:“For more information”section added to each piece of content to help visitors flow through the information:

9. Campaign Promotion: Feature a variety of decision stage content in customized sidebars throughout the site.

10. Campaign Promotion:

  • Emailed an invitation to check out BIP U to the relevant segment of our sales database
  • Actively promote the content itself via social networks
  • Include links to BIP U in presentation slides and related correspondence as a “for more information” call to action.

11. Results:

  • Very pleased with the response rate from our internal database. – Best Performing Campaign to date!
    We have enhanced profiling with Progressive Forms and are collecting better information on new and existing contacts.
  • We have generated new, organic inbound traffic to the site as a result of the quantity, quality, and optimization of content in the BIP U.
  • Gaining insight into the visitor’s process and will use that data to make changes moving forward.
    Some numbers: We’re averaging 10% conversion rate on BIP U content forms, up from 1-2% compared to product-specific collateral.
  • In Q1, comparing this year over last, we saw a 54% increase in website visits and a 67% increase in page views, plus increases in time on page and site visit – improved engagement metrics.
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns to opt-in subscribers see 25-47% CT and lead to stronger conversations with Sales team.