B2B Content Ideas: A Cheat Sheet


Learn What Your Customers Actually Want to Know

This list is B2B content ideas is a cheat sheet for developing better B2B marketing content. For better results start by developing a customer-focused business to business marketing plan and then use this cheat sheet of 21 different B2B content ideas targeting each stage of a prospects decision process:

B2B Content That Targets a Problem or Opportunity

If a prospect wants education or thought leadership what they are really trying to do is understand their problem or opportunity, get a fix on the landscape, and understand how to frame the market. B2B content ideas that address these questions include:

  • Trends, benchmarks and statistics
  • What’s new and why it matters analysis
  • Best in class examples
  • Problem guides
  • Opportunity guides
  • Needs assessments
  • 101 eduction

B2B Content That Targets Different Approaches to Relevant Solutions

If a prospect wants solutions and product suitability content they want to figure out how to solve their problem. This means understanding how different solutions work, how to compare different approaches, a building a short-list of relevant solutions. B2B content ideas that address these questions include:

  • Solution guides
  • Solution comparisons
  • Pitfall analysis
  • Readiness and suitability assessments
  • Strategy and planning templates
  • How to find and select the right vendor
  • How to build the budget

B2B Content That Targets Business Credentials

Prospects who have built their short-list then look for decision support and credentials. This means building internal consensus for the decision and building comfort with their choice. B2B content ideas to address these questions include:

  • Pricing
  • Trials or product demonstrations
  • Access to internal subject matter experts
  • Implementation plans and requirements
  • Delivery examples
  • Vendor comparisons
  • Data sheets

Focus on Developing Practical and Useful Topics

The most common search phrases start with “how to” concepts not specific brand or product names. If your search traffic is primarily driven by your brand name you are missing traffic from prospects looking for practical information related to their decision process.

To connect with prospects before they know who you are, you need to share practical and useful “how to” topics related to your subject matter expertise. Balance your product, brand, commentary, opinion, and about-us content with practical content to see better inbound search results and content engagement.

Use these B2B content ideas to inspire practical content topics such as examples, guides, templates, plans, tips, reviews, etc.

Next steps:

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