B2B Content Brief Template


Create more effective, focused content with a content brief.

Let’s get started:

Clear objectives and key messaging is the first step in creating more effective, useful content. The more specific you are in the brief, the more likely it is that you’ll be happy with the content that’s developed.

Once you’ve filled out the form and gained access to our B2B Content Brief template, get started by making a copy and customizing it to meet your business needs. It includes:

  • Name & docket
  • Client contact
  • Your value proposition
  • Main objective
  • Audience
  • Topic
  • Key messaging
  • Format
  • Sources/subject matter expert
  • Tone of voice/writing style
  • Calls to action and embedded links
  • Focus keywords
  • Related content
  • Graphic design
  • Critical path

Next steps:

Creating engaging content for your customers is no easy task. To learn how Brainrider can develop content that will help you reach your goals, request a proposal now.