How B2B businesses can drive meaningful diversity and inclusion changes


Key takeaways from the 2020 LesbiansWhoTech Pride Summit


Today, businesses are asking how to transform as diverse and inclusive organizations and individuals in order to be real, sustainable contributors of change.  

At the end of June, the LesbiansWhoTech Pride Summit provided insight into just that. Their Pride Summit explored immediate applications for how businesses can claim responsibility and accountability and lean into this unprecedented moment.

With a diverse roster of speakers, the week kicked off with insightful sessions led by LGBTQIA2S+ industry leaders from Google, Linkedin, Fast Company, Cisco, and more, exploring the intersections between diversity and inclusion and business, tech, design, and more.

Click the links below to access the key takeaways from the 2020 LesbiansWhoTech Pride Summit that B2B businesses can implement for more meaningful diversity and inclusion:


Janice Gassam LesbiansWhoTechHow to integrate meaningful diversity and inclusion policy change in your B2B business

Dr. Janice Gassam’s session delved into the dangers of performative allyship and the importance of meaningful policy change among B2B businesses. Here are Janice Gassam’s tips for enacting real change within your B2B business. Read more here.


Sheree Haggan Google LesbiansWhoTech Pride Summit

How to prevent inflicting or experiencing racial battle fatigue in the workplace

In her keynote, Sheree Haggan, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager at Google, explored the importance of a more mindful approach for B2B businesses to take as they rehabilitate a white-dominated framework in a way that does not inflict racial battle fatigue on their marginalized colleagues. Read more here. 


rosanna durruthy lesbianswhotech pride summitHow B2B businesses and teams can best support Black colleagues

Rosanna Durruthy, Head of Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Linkedin, states that at this time, companies are responsible for amplifying and providing visibility for marginalized voices. In her talk, she gave a comprehensive overview of how B2B businesses and teams can support Black colleagues. Read more here.


rose marcario lesbianswhotech pride summitHow to balance social impact with B2B business goals

While Rose Marcario, former CEO of Patagonia, speaks from a B2C perspective, she highlights important takeaways that are applicable to B2B businesses looking to balance financial goals with meaningful social impact. For Marcario, there is power behind the voice of good corporate actors. Read more here.


jana rich lesbianswhotech pride summitHow to build and support diverse teams in the age of COVID-19

Jana Rich, CEO and Founder of Rich Talent Group, brought necessary perspective on creating a truly effective and safe workplace for the BIPOC LGBTQIA2S+ community. For Rich, the hard work is after implementing diverse hiring practices, because it involves creating an environment where marginalized communities truly have a voice. Read more here.


While these key takeaways don’t include all the valuable sessions that were at the LesbiansWhoTech Pride Summit, we hope that this blog post provided some insight into how your B2B business can begin to organize conversations, policy change, and actions for meaningful diversity and inclusion.

If you would like to learn more about LesbiansWhoTech, please visit their website and follow them on their social media channels on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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All images courtesy of LesbiansWhoTech Pride Summit.

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