Ask Brainrider: How do I speed up content production?

Do you have a ton of content you need to produce? 

In this episode of Ask Brainrider, Account Strategist Alex Kim covers four tips to speed up your content production. Download your guide to outsourcing your marketing here.

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Hi, there. I'm Alex Kim, an Account Strategist here at Brainrider. 

A lot of large enterprise B2B companies have a ton of content that they need to produce, but not enough time or resources to get it all done. This is a common problem for high-growth companies as teams have to hit the ground running to meet growing demand. In this episode of Ask Brainrider, I'm going to cover four tips to speed up your content production. 


Number one: Focus on the right objectives. Don't just produce content for the sake of producing content. Instead, make sure that your marketing team is focused on the same objectives to create internal alignment. Before producing content, think: “What is the objective?”, “How does it impact marketing goals and overall business revenue goals?” 


Number two: Align on the right key results and metrics. KPI  misalignment can be the root cause of producing content for the sake of producing content. Build out consistent KPIs with your team where everyone has the same fundamental reporting metrics, so your content is all working towards accomplishing the same goals. Showcasing how content can impact revenue will change how content is perceived. 


Number three: Prioritize your projects. Rather than spreading yourself too thin because you're trying to reach too many different objectives, focus on the right objectives and KPIs that will help focus your team on the right content pieces to tackle. 


Number four: Drive success with integrated resources. Properly managing your resources will help foster success. Use integrated resourcing that is reliable, consistent, trustworthy, and seamless to ramp up content production and synchronize an organization. Onboarding an agency partner as a natural extension of your marketing team allows you to stay focused on the right priorities and objectives to ramp up your content production and grow as a business. 


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