Our Work

Yellow Pages: Poster Design and Content

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy – and Yellow Pages came to Brainrider to help highlight this in their campaign, “Shop the Neighbourhood”. Their main goal was to show the benefits of local shopping for the community. From a marketing perspective, they wanted to give campaign ownership to small businesses, by providing them with the tools to advertise their participation in the event. In order to optimize the campaign, Yellow Pages also wanted their website updated, making it easier for businesses, Business Improvement Area (BIA) organizations and shoppers to find relevant information, planning resources and digital assets to promote the event.

We wanted to make it as simple as possible for local businesses to participate in this campaign. Our solution was to create downloadable assets that could be customized with the date of their event, then printed and featured in their shop fronts. The website was redesigned to highlight the informative resources and feature success stories of small businesses, to encourage a sense of community and relevance to participate. We also repurposed additional content to target shoppers and BIAs about the importance of supporting small businesses within their communities. To drive traffic to the site, the campaign was promoted through emails as well as through content we created for the Yellow Pages newsletters.