Our Work

Freshbooks: eBooks Content and Design

Freshbooks was looking to develop top and middle funnel content that would attract and nurture leads towards Freshbooks Select – their latest product. As a cloud-based accounting software company, Freshbooks’ target market is generally smaller businesses. Freshbooks Select caters to thriving entrepreneurs who require a solution to scale their fast-growing operations. With a need to bring awareness about their solutions for growing mid-sized businesses, Brainrider was tasked with creating relatable top-of-funnel ebooks that could be used in advertising and lead generation campaigns.

Brainrider worked with Freshbooks to create and design B2B ebooks that spoke directly to their newest target audience. We held collaborative workshops to determine the key customer needs and pains that would be specific to the Freshbooks Select threshold. The result came down to two main components: managing and scaling a fast-growing business, and managing the billing processes as the company grows. The ebooks were created as gated content to address these audience pain points. They were also used to encourage lead generation via LinkedIn ads and mid-funnel email campaigns. Finally, blog posts were produced and housed onsite which outlined the benefits of automated billing along with tips on how to scale a team painlessly.