Our Work

CST SPARK: Email, Landing Pages, Content and Design

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation (CST) turned to Brainrider for help with the launch of their latest venture, CST Spark – an innovative, digital approach to help Canadians save towards education. Originally a smaller project scope, we were asked to build master email templates, create and design landing pages, drip campaigns and additional content materials. As a new brand, their aim was to secure the feel of a distinct brand presence in all communication and design.

As part of Spark’s go-to-market and lead generation plan, we created several email campaigns, including a welcome campaign, a re-engagement campaign, and a nurture campaign, all using dynamic content to engage the three audiences. These campaigns directed the prospect towards a specific landing page, depending on whether they were new parents, existing parents or grandparents. The landing pages guided the prospect to one of three gated ebooks we created, each providing relevant top-of-funnel information. The campaign continued to nurture them and win trust with helpful articles and infographics. Brainrider set up, deployed and reported on all campaigns, and also developed the email messaging and associated content assets. We designed the email template to be easily customizable, with editable “blocks” so CST Spark could give a tailored feel to any further communication sent. Beyond this, we created social media posts to enhance awareness, as well as an animated video introducing the new brand and its benefits.