Our Work

CMiC: Branding and Website Design,
Development and Content

CMIC, a company that specializes in creating software solutions for construction companies, came to Brainrider for some help with their website. As far as modern online best practices go, the website underperformed – it was slow and hard to navigate for potential prospects. The content was available, but there was a lack of focus on pipeline marketing to drive lead generation. Along with a website update, their second ask was a refresh of their branding. Their logo was 26 years old and in a serif font – it was easy to miss in amongst the “bold” logos we see today.

CMIC’s website was given a full makeover – we rebuilt the website from scratch to make it look fresh and perform fast. We held workshops with CMIC to determine their customers’ main needs and pains, to ensure their website was focused around their objectives and client solutions. Site navigation was then reworked to optimize their content for pipeline marketing and lead generation. When looking for a branding solution, collaboration with CMIC was key. We wanted to modernize the logo, but capture the original CMIC essence. The end result was stronger and bolder branding, while remaining recognizable to its established roots.