Our Work

Blue-Mark: eBooks Content and Design

Several years ago, we worked with Blue-Mark, a management consultant firm, on updating their web design. More recently, they approached us for a revamp of the same site. Their main business objective was to attract and acquire new customers – however, their site was lacking content that was up-to-date, and didn’t feature any gated materials. As we set out to develop their new website, we started by highlighting their training offerings – information that could be leveraged for future content.

We worked closely with Blue-Mark, using their expertise in management consultancy to create high-quality content that was up-to-date, informative and easily digestible. As a B2B best practice, we gated some of this content to encourage further lead generation. Our B2B design team curated eye-catching ebooks, which served as an extension of Blue-Mark’s brand to enhance user recognition and trust. To help keep content fresh, we provided a sales one-pager that could be updated quickly and easily by their sales team.

What They're Saying

“Brainrider has been an instrumental partner in helping us rebrand our company in a few short months time. We would not have been able to do this project without sound strategy and support from Brainrider on messaging, content marketing, web design, social media use and search engine optimization.”

Rinus Strydom

CMO, Hubwoo