Accreon: Web Design and Content

As a provider of tech solutions for the healthcare industry, Accreon came to us in need of a tech solution of their own. Their website wasn’t user-friendly – visiting prospects were unable to find clear information about the industries serviced and search functionality wasn’t fully optimized. Overall, there was a lot of potential to improve UX, lead generation and lead nurturing.

First, we worked with Accreon to uncover their customers’ needs and pains. These insights helped us develop a framework which informed the B2B design, structure and content of the new home page. Because prospects want to find the right information, fast, we developed industry-specific service pages and a resource centre optimized for search and filtering. To enhance lead generation and nurturing, we added prominent calls-to-action above and below the fold and gated their most valuable content.

"Brainrider has been an instrumental partner in helping us rebrand our company in a few short months time. We would not have been able to do this project without sound strategy and support from Brainrider on messaging, content marketing, web design, social media use and search engine optimization."

Rinus Strydom,

CMO, Hubwoo