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Optimize Your B2B Pipeline Marketing

You’ve taken a pipeline-centric approach to your marketing efforts and have invested in the right technology. The marketing team is driving more traffic and leads, and many become MQLs. But are they the right leads? The sales team isn’t happy and you’re still not hitting your lead and revenue generation objectives.

You need more effective marketing programs to attract the right traffic and deliver more qualified leads to sales.

Thinking About an ABM Pilot?
This Webinar is for You.

How You Benefit

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DELIVER& nurture quality leads with effective pipeline marketing campaigns.

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GAIN CLARITYon marketing's revenue generation influence.

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SHOWmarketing-sourced and influenced pipeline revenue.

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DELIVERbetter results with better reporting and measurement.

How it Works

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Pipeline Marketing Optimization
That Delivers

Our pipeline optimization services are designed to diagnose gaps in your marketing mix and create more opportunities for your customers to demonstrate purchase intent.

We’ll set you up to effectively measure marketing-generated revenue, marketing-influenced revenue and campaign ROI. We’ll also help you plan,
run, create and test better campaigns to hit your marketing goals.

Brainrider's Pipeline
Marketing Optimization Plan

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