Traditional agency resourcing based on a project defined by time and materials or deliverables.



Dedicated to you with workflow managed by Brainrider.



Fully integrated with your teams, workflows, processes, and resources.


Brainrider is the extension of your marketing team. We customize a team of resources to your requirements and operational needs to service your business. The team can include any or all of the following services:

  • Project-based resources
  • Dedicated resources
  • Embedded workforce

The agility and adaptability of this model allows us to offer consistent, quality marketing and creative support that meets your distinct project demands and fits within your operational infrastructure.

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“Brainrider really is an extension of our team, integrating with a deep understanding of the business and accountability we can trust. Under tight timelines, the quality of work remains consistent, enabling more efficient and focused marketing work. Brainrider stepped in at a good time to help us build and we were able to do more because of it. We now have a consistent story that is carried through the entire customer life cycle that enhances our overall messaging and brand.”

Stacey Cummings, Head of Customer Marketing at Purolator

Project-based resources

If you’ve worked with a marketing agency or studio before, you’ll likely recognize this model. Our staff use your specific project needs to craft a statement of work based on the billable work hours needed to complete defined tasks and deliverables. Your resource team is quickly assembled and our staff gets to work in our offices to produce your work. This option is well-suited to handling overflow projects and unpredictable workstreams.

Dedicated resources

Sometimes you need more than a few projects to be tackled. Our dedicated team members are 100% focused on your workstream, making them experts on how you work and what you need. Our staff become a remote extension of your marketing and creative team. They work from our offices and are entirely dedicated to your workstreams at all times. The length of the assignment is indefinite — you decide. This option is well-suited to filling an ongoing capability or capacity gap on your team that doesn’t require office immersion.

Embedded workforce

Embedded team members are focused 100% on your business and workstream, but work side-by-side with your team. They report to your team and are fully immersed in your environment and processes. Our employees become a natural extension of your team with full access to your internal teams, tools, and systems that are needed to complete the work. The length of the assignment is entirely up to you. This option is well-suited to filling an ongoing capability or capacity gap on your team that is highly collaborative or requires internal access.

The flexibility you need. The creativity you want.

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