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What is Pipeline Marketing?

Pipeline marketing is a B2B marketing strategy that aligns sales and marketing around the same goal of revenue generation. It differs from activity-based marketing, as it focuses on revenue, rather than campaign diagnostics and results.

So how do you move from activity-based marketing to B2B Pipeline Marketing? Start by prioritizing the right KPIs.

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Prioritize the Right KPIs

Every campaign, every call to action, every content asset should impact a key pipeline metric. If it doesn’t, you’re missing opportunities to drive more revenue and get more from your marketing budget — and you’re not alone.

Most leading businesses are using marketing automation tools, CRM platforms and other insightful technologies, but they’re not effectively working together to provide an integrated, customer-centric approach to help move leads through the B2B pipeline.

If you’re not meeting your conversion objectives and not attributing budgetary spend to revenue generation, we can help.

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The Brainrider Approach to B2B Pipeline Marketing

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IDENTIFYwhich part of your funnel requires the most resource allocation.

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DEFINEthe marketing objectives that will influence the most revenue.

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CREATEa tactical execution plan to deliver against those needs.


Web Development or Optimization:Increase site engagement and convert more traffic to leads.
Technology Integration:Gain insight through better adoption and integration of marketing technologies.
Campaign Planning and Development:Attract, nurture, and identify sales-ready leads with targeted campaigns.
Multimedia Content Development:Improve the customer journey with customer-centric, full funnel content.
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TEST IT, IMPROVE ITGet insight and make improvements with easy-to-understand metrics and dashboards.

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You’re ready to start focusing on improving your customers’ buyer-journey by adopting a pipeline-oriented strategy that connects lead-generation to revenue attribution. And you came to the right place. Brainrider can help.