Brainwave webinar series

Each 30-minute session offers practical tools and insights to keep your business moving forward. 

with Scott Armstrong
Partner & CEO at Brainrider 

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We’ve learned a lot in the last 12 years — about how to be flexible with our offerings, how to adapt to new business models and how to keep people first.

  • Topics in the Brainwave series include:

    • Why company culture plays a role in retaining your best people during change
    • How to stay flexible and switch gears for navigating smoother team transitions through gaps and growth
    • Why giving the most strategic work to your most strategic people can make all the difference when you’re under pressure
    • How to strengthen your business with agency partners who can flex with you
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Brainwave Webinar

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Brainwave’s Host

For over two decades, Scott Armstrong has led teams to deliver award-winning marketing for ambitious companies seeking flexible partnerships and trusted advisors.

In 2010, he set out on a mission to become a better marketing agency, providing deeper client collaborations and more client value. 150+ ‘Riders later, Brainrider partners with high-growth companies to fill capacity and capability gaps with a flexible resourcing model that scales up (or down) based on client workloads.