You need to be where your prospects are.

So your brochure-based website isn’t working. You’re repeatedly losing work to your competition. What’s wrong?

The reality is B2B customers have changed the way they buy products and services. In this era of online and social media penetration, you need to adapt and adopt new techniques.

Leading thinkers in demand generation will tell you that finding prospective clients is no longer about you and your product. It’s about engaging in a dialogue that builds trust first and then following the prospective clients’ buying process.

In order to do that, you need to think like a prospect. They are searching for information and solutions for themselves on the web long before they contact any sales team. More than 85% of B2B purchases start with a web search. They will be searching social media, analysts’ reports, white papers and chat groups. They’ll know what previous clients think of your products and what the alternatives are.

To get on their online radar, you need to be where your prospects are – on blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and wherever else they are looking. You need to optimize your searchability so you top their search lists.

And while you’re out there, you need to be talking about what your prospects are interested in. Your website has to provide high quality, relevant information. You’re engaging in a conversation the basis of which is the customers’ needs. They are asking questions and you’re helping them find answers and solutions.

The goal is to become a trusted source of information by sharing not just what you know, but what your prospects want to know.

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