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Wistia specializes in hosting web video for businesses. They store your video securely in the cloud and serve it up however you like, any time, anywhere, on any device, — with trackability! In this guest post, Alyce Currier and Ezra Fishman look at getting better program results with embedded calls to action:

In the marketing world, the ideas of “lead generation” and “video marketing” both come up pretty often, but they’re usually seen as two separate worlds. Video marketing is used to explain your product and attract new attention to it; lead generation is a means of gathering emails by putting content, such as an ebook or whitepaper, behind an email gate. If you use video, you already know it’s a powerful way to scale communication and create emotional connections, but what’s next? How can you guide people further down your marketing funnel? Video marketing isn’t just about generating views, it’s about integrating video into all of your marketing efforts as an effective way to further all of your goals. We at Wistia may be a bit biased by our obsession with all things video, but we think the two worlds of video marketing and lead generation can, and should, work more closely together.

Using video the enhance lead generation

Include a video next to your lead generation form to demonstrate the value of what you’re offering. Give an introduction to what awaits the user after they sign up. The form below might be even more enticing if it were accompanied with a video:

No matter where you’re putting your email form or what you promise is behind it, people will always be hesitant to give you their email address. Video is a great way to connect with viewers and show them that what you’re offering is worth the tradeoff. Video allows you to connect emotionally, showing that you’re a real person with interesting things to say. Use video to build trust and excitement.

Lead generation right in your video

Instead of being used as a nice appetizer, video can also serve as the main course in your content marketing campaigns. Lots of companies use video for inbound marketing, but the challenge is: how do you continue to market to all of the people who watch one of your educational videos and then disappear? Well, that’s the same reason we use ebooks to capture emails, so the logical solution is to add email capture to your video content.

By adding an email collector to your valuable video resources (keep in mind that not every video is worthy of an email gate), you can start measuring the success of your video marketing with truly meaningful metrics, like leads generated or new prospects.

Have an awesome educational video that all your visitors love? Why not turn that enthusiasm into leads but putting an email gate in front of the content?

Or maybe you don’t want to restrict access to the video, but you would love for people who watch the whole thing to sign up for your mailing list. We recently updated our video email capture tool, Turnstile, to give this amount of flexibility. Turnstile enables you to put an email collector before, after, or even in the middle of your video. You can also automatically pipe leads right into your favorite email providers and trigger an autoresponse or set up drip campaigns. If you’re not quite ready for professional video hosting, there are also a number of WordPress plugins ( that can give you similar functionality.

The key is understanding how lead generation can be used to boost the impact of your ongoing video marketing efforts.

We made this video summarizing our experience using email gating with video, focusing on the tradeoffs involved with placing the email collector at the beginning, middle, or end of the video.

Why gather emails instead of just pointing people to your buy page?

Some people may be interested in consuming your content and learning more about what you’re up to, but not entirely ready to create an account or buy your product. By collecting an email, you ensure that you can stay in touch with these people so you’re at the top of their minds when they’re ready to take things to the next level.

How have you used video to enhance your lead generation process?

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