Twitter for B2B Marketing: 5 tips

While 140 characters of text hardly seems enough to say much about anything, Twitter is a useful B2B marketing tool – especially when it comes to gaining insights about content and customers. With its simple publishing, connectivity with social media platforms, and capacity to track and measure engagement, Twitter is a great tool for curating, sharing & testing content.

Here are 5 tips to get the most out of Twitter:

Its not all about youToo many businesses use their Twitter stream like a one-way pipe, pumping out dreck best left for an in-house corporate newsletter. (“Our new product launch is just 16 months away!”). Don’t link to your own stuff all the time. The web is a big place full of things that are of interest to your potential customers. Link to those things from your Twitter stream and folks will be more likely to follow you. And less likely to unfollow you.
Don’t be vanillaDon’t use the plain vanilla Twitter page background that came with your sign-up. It’s a sure sign that you don’t care. Upload your own background to make your page inviting, engaging, professional. Even the free ones are nice. Add your company logo, or your own photo, in your profile area in the top right corner of your page. Then link to your website or blog. Okay, there’s room for only one live link, not much space for text—and none for pictures—in your profile area. But that shouldn’t stop you.
Follow people to get followersA quick way to get followers list is to follow people. Search for analysts, publications and influencers in your market and follow them. Then follow their followers. Search related keywords and #hashtags (like #B2B) to find other tweets in your category and follow their authors. Now watch your tweet stream, who’s joining in the conversation and follow the accounts with something useful to add. Not everyone you follow will follow you back, but a lot will.
Schedule your tweetsStart with 2-3 tweets a day. Use a tool like Hootsuite to bulk schedule your tweets in advance. Don’t send them all at once but trickle them out and test different times of day. You might have a morning, afternoon or evening audience or even followers in a different time-zone. You can tweet in real time too, but scheduling ensures a steady stream and let’s you post tweets more efficiently and strategically.
Use your analyticsHere’s where you get the insights that makes Twitter so useful. Use a tool like Hootsuite to track how many people mentioned or clicked on your link. While retweets and mentions might suggest if you’re on the right track, clicks are a better measure of content engagement.

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