Thought leadership and content marketing: 4 practical tips

Thought leadership (some times called content marketing) is one of the most powerful but challenging tools in the B2B Marketing toolbox: here are 4 practical tips on how to get started.

As the very smart Chris Koch points out in this terrific blog post on idea marketing, many companies have given up trying to create valuable content and started dressing up product brochures as thought leadership.  But with the right approach B2B companies large and small can leverage their Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and create valuable content that will connect with their customers and drive business results.

4 Practical Tips from ITSMA’s Chris Koch

At the end of his post, Chris offers 4 practical tips on how to do a better job of thought leadership marketing. We thought they were worth highlighting for you:

1. Research the need for ideas. (BrainRider: be customer-focused when you develop your content)

2. Determine the readiness of the organization. (BrainRider: make sure you have Senior Leadership Team buy-in and the right tools in place)

3. Build an idea network. (BrainRider: your company has access to lots of internal and external subject matter expertise, learn how to inventory and access it)

4. Create a content development process: (BrainRider: create and market your content with best practice strategies, approaches and tools)

  • Develop a publishing process.
  • Create a calendar.
  • Align content with the buying process.
  • Install systems and metrics for supporting idea marketing.

While we describe it differently, we couldn’t agree more with Chris’s advice (frankly everything Chris says is worth reading and acting on!  Check out his blog and his thinking at ITSMA).  It is a powerful and effective methodology for generating business results regardless of how big or small your company is.  And with the right new digital marketing tools including social media sharing and website content marketing systems, content marketing is more effective than ever.

How BrainRider helps our clients bring their content marketing program to life.

The presentation below is a quick peek at how to apply content development best practice at your company:

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  1. A very useful blog indeed I must say! It is a known fact that very few companies know the actual worth of content marketing. If the tips mentioned above by the author can be implemented in the right manner, then it will be the companies gaining the most out of it. In fact I am glad to add that I really didn’t know that content marketing was also known as Thought Leadership. I am really thankful to the author for letting people know about this fact.

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