How to develop customer-centric B2B VIDEO content – webinar

In case you haven’t yet noticed, we’re really enjoying our recent foray into webinars and live events. The engagement level in an event format is a breath of fresh air for all of us who are being overrun with written content about content marketing.

So in light of that, we’re excited to announce that we are co-presenting a new take on our popular Customer-Centric Content Clinic webinar with our new friends at Wistia – focused a bit more on B2B video content.


How to Develop Customer-Centric B2B Marketing Content: On-Demand Webinar

Developing content that connects with both customer needs AND your value proposition ensures that you’ll not only generate engagement, but also be in a position to monetize that engagement.

We co-hosted a live online clinic with our friends at Pardot sharing Better Practice advice on how to develop customer-centric B2B marketing content. As part of the Clinic, we reviewed a number of company websites to see what they were doing well from a content perspective, and gave them some practical advice on how to get their content working harder for them.

The slides went up on Slideshare right after the live event, and this morning we have added a synced audio track so that you can play back the entire webinar on-demand. Here it is…