Using Your Existing B2B Marketing Budget To Increase Engagement & Double Your Online Leads

Generating more qualified leads, increasing their engagement, and getting more customers doesn’t always require a bigger B2B marketing budget.  Instead you should look at optimizing how your budget is spent.  Here is a case study of a client project that delivered double the leads without increasing their budget.

Objective: Better B2B lead generation results from AdWords

While AdWords can efficiently drive traffic it is often a very blunt demand generation tool.  AdWords performance is generally measured by cost per click but for most B2B marketers higher traffic volumes rarely translate into better lead generation.  The real objective should be optimizing all of your marketing, including your AdWords spend, to capture and convert more qualified leads. (more…)

B2B Marketing Resources: a list of useful B2B marketing links

I often get asked, both in person and online, for recommendations of good B2B marketing resources. There are some sales propaganda efforts out there, but there are also quite a few good objective sources that have cropped up in the past few years. We try to curate content from a lot of different sources in the BrainRider Connect + Convert blog, B2B Marketing Knowledge Center, and @BrainRider Twitter feed.

Some of our most fruitful feeds these days include:

What other B2B marketing resources do you find useful?  Add them in the Comments below, and we’ll update the main post with them to build a consolidated list. (no sales propaganda please!) (more…)

Accelerating Your B2B Pipeline: Best Practice Lessons from John Boyd’s OODA Loop

What IBM’s Spending Spree Says About Marketing Automation And Big vs Small

IBM has been making significant investments in the marketing automation and analytics space.  Some great analysis from from John Lovett on the Blog Web Analytics Demystified, points out part of the reason for IBM’s $20 billion buying spree is acquiring “analytics technologies, building single view profiles of customers and delivering marketing process improvements…campaign automation solutions and interactive marketing prowess”.

Understanding what you customer wants to know and using that information to get them into your pipeline, and then accelerating them through it until they are ready to buy is a smart strategy.  And it is clear that the market is putting a big price on the ability to do it.  Sales teams have been doing it for years but the data, pipeline visibility, and nurturing options offered by marketing automation systems take it to the next level.


B2B Pipeline Marketing: 5 Questions Worth Asking About Your Pipeline

  1. What do buyers and customers find when they search for you?
  2. How many qualified leads visited your website last month and who were they?
  3. How many hand-raisers (ie buyers who are looking for information) are you connecting with and funnelling into your pipeline?
  4. What do your customers want to know at each stage of their decision proces and can they easily get that information from you?
  5. Which marketing tools are helping to nurture your leads and move them through your pipeline?

Please feel free to share this post if you think it is helpful or comment with missing questions, challenges, or examples.

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B2B Lead Generation: Great Benchmarking And Best Practices For Lead Generation from CSO Insights 2010 Lead Generation Survey

CSO Insights has published their 2010 Lead Generation Optimization Survey Results.
And it includes some useful stats including:

And finally the top three program tactics as judged by quantity/quality of leads were:

  • e-mail marketing
  • tradeshows
  • web site registration/opt-in

But they share lots of other useful benchmarks in this free Marketo sponsored presentation:

Lead Generation Optimization 2010 Survey Results and Analysis Charts from Survey

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