Business Development Best Practice

The business development goal of “getting us more customers” is becoming more challenging because B2B customers are more connected to more information earlier in the business development process than ever before.  To succeed you need to market what you know not just who you are.

More than who you know – it’s what you know that counts

Traditionally business development required a large rolodex of personal contacts and enough charisma to network with those contacts 5-7 days a week.   However it is no longer just about who you know (although it still very important). What you know and how you connect what you know with the buyers in your market have become the keys to business development success. The IT Sales and Marketing Association (ITSMA) has done a great job of profiling this change for technology buyers in their study “How Customers Choose Solutions Providers”. And cross-category data from MarketingSherpa, Sirius Decisions as well as BrainRider’s client experience indicates that this trend applies to other solution oriented businesses including: professional services, agencies, high-tech, software, specialized manufacturing, etc. (more…)