B2B Email Marketing: Don’t make opting out so hard

unsubscribeMaking it easy for recipients of your marketing emails to opt out (or unsubscribe) may seem counterintuitive if you are focused on building your list, but it will actually result in more high quality leads. Making opt-out difficult by hiding the link at the bottom of emails, or not having email preferences accessible on your site, has repercussions. (more…)

Using Your Existing B2B Marketing Budget To Increase Engagement & Double Your Online Leads

Generating more qualified leads, increasing their engagement, and getting more customers doesn’t always require a bigger B2B marketing budget.  Instead you should look at optimizing how your budget is spent.  Here is a case study of a client project that delivered double the leads without increasing their budget.

Objective: Better B2B lead generation results from AdWords

While AdWords can efficiently drive traffic it is often a very blunt demand generation tool.  AdWords performance is generally measured by cost per click but for most B2B marketers higher traffic volumes rarely translate into better lead generation.  The real objective should be optimizing all of your marketing, including your AdWords spend, to capture and convert more qualified leads. (more…)

SEO for B2B Marketing: tips to reach more customers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of any Business to Business (B2B) marketing and lead generation program designed to reach more customers.  With most purchase decisions involving web research at all stages of the decision process, getting found by search engines is key.  While many companies need help, the good news is that SEO is quickly moving from a hard to understand technical discipline to a marketing discipline focused on strategy, planning, prioritization, and execution.

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) and key SEO priorities for B2B Marketers.

Unlike B2C SEO marketing which often concentrates on technical optimization and “black-hat” specialists who try to “cheat” the system, improving SEO results for B2B comes from a combination of technical optimization and content value.

Technical optimization is similar to hygiene.  Without good hygiene it is hard to get a date (ask any 14  year old boy!) but hygiene alone will not get you many dates.  To become successful in the dating game you need more than good hygiene, you need to be interesting, and even more importantly interested in your date’s interests.  You need charm to be truly attractive.  SEO for B2B marketers works in a similar way. (more…)

B2B Marketing: Pipeline Optimization – how to attract and nurture more customers

We just finished a new presentation and wanted to share it with our blog readers.  It covers “How To Use Knowledge Marketing To Attract and Nurture More Customers” by looking at:

  • Decision Stages
  • Sharing What Customers Want To Know As They Decide To Buy
  • Better Visibility Into What Works
  • 5 Questions Worth Asking About Your Pipeline

This best practice guide is designed as a quick overview to help B2B marketers who have a complex product or solution and buying process.  For example  technology, software, B2B services, and professional firms.

What is really fun about this presentation is that anyone can sketch it on a napkin or a white board when you are trying to share ideas about knowledge marketing, how to get the most out of marketing automation tools, or best practices.  And if you have worked with BrainRider you know we like to sketch up ideas!

Getting More B2B Customers – a quick guide to optimizing your sales and marketing pipeline

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Feel free to use any of the ideas in this deck as you develop your own marketing programs.  But please share your experience with us!  And we would love your thoughts, input and comments so either post or click on the “Get In Touch” button at the top of your screen.