SEO tactics for B2B: new benchmark data from MarketingSherpa

Great new chart from the smart folks at MarketingSherpa on SEO Tactics for B2B marketing. Their survey data helps prioritize how much effort to spend on SEO hygiene vs SEO charm in order to connect with more customers as you build next year’s marketing plan and budget.

Optimizing your SEO effort for B2B marketing

While SEO hygiene (title tags, XML site maps, metadata) is seen as important the big wins are improving your SEO charm with keyword research, content optimization and content creation. But as you can see below these marketing initiatives are also seen as the most challenging and requiring the most effort!

MarketingSherpa Chart B2B SEO Tactics

How to Optimize and Create Better Content

Great!  MarketingSherpa once again shares benchmark data proving that hard-work and content development pay-off.  But how do you put their best practice advice into practice?

A key strategy for optimizing and creating content for better SEO  is to focus on what your customer wants to know at each stage of their decision process. This is the most efficient way to connect with the long tail keyword strings prospects are searching, to develop the content they want, and to reflect the language they are using.

A second successful approach is to re-purpose, develop and test content in lighter formats like tweets and blog posts using an intelligent mud approach before you make a big investment in heavier content formats.  This is the most efficient way to test and learn what is working before you commit your content development budget.

But the best starting point is the development of a content plan.  See this post for a practical approach to content planning or better yet, contact us and we will help you build the right foundation for your B2B marketing.

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