Question what you know is true

NOTE: This is an expansion of one of the points in our BrainRider Manifesto for Agile Performance: #37: Question what you know is true.

Nothing will stop you from coming up with astounding ideas faster than walls you’ve put there yourself.

If you find yourself hemmed in by what you already know, it’s time to challenge your own assumptions. You might have built yourself a cage. And you might be hiding in there because it’s safer than coming out.

When you’re faced with the daunting task of coming up with game-changing ideas, write down five things you absolutely know are true.

They should be things that are relevant to the situation at hand. Things that any reasonable person would agree with. Things that are obviously correct. Now imagine that none of them really are.

What would happen if all of those things you just wrote down were turned inside out so that they stopped being obstacles to a new and vibrant idea?

Have no fear: once you’ve come up with your brilliant idea, you can go back to assuming the world is what you know the world is.

Even though it isn’t.

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