Pinterest for B2B: What You Need to Know

What should you know about Pinterest for B2B? Well, Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm, since its launch 3 years ago. With over 48 million users, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this highly visual platform creates an excellent business opportunity to attract leads and develop brand awareness. But, many companies find themselves scratching their heads, wondering where to start and how to fully optimize a Pinterest profile for their company.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of Pinterest best practices, advice, and some helpful business examples.

Why pin:

  • Content consumers are very attracted to visual information. According to Social Media Chimps, approximately 83% of learning occurs visually and people remember only 20% of what they read.
  • It forces your business to think creatively about new types of content and visuals to attract and educate audiences.
  • Pinterest for B2B can help with SEO, if you emphasize keywords and link to your web pages.

What to pin:

  • Visually appealing and easily digestible content
  • Thumbnails or images from your e-books, white papers, guides, and blog posts (with an accompanying link)
  • Infographics and memes
  • Videos
  • Product and services previews
  • Creative content that displays your company culture
  • Photos of events
  • Other users’ content- just make sure you cite that it’s their source

How to engage users:

  • Comment on other people’s pins to build a larger following
  • Connect your profile to your other social media platforms
  • Ask questions
  • Actively promoting re-pins
  • Pin regularly
  • Add a “Pin It” button to shareable pages and custom images on your website, such as blog posts

Other Pinterest for B2B best practices:

  • Link your pins to your website through the provided tool or in the description of your pin
  • Don’t just self-promote, share useful information that focuses on your audience’s needs and pains
  • Use analytics tools to measure traffic and leads- then adjust your content based on demand
  • Check out Pinterest’s free analytics tool for business accounts
  • Use analytics to gathers insights into buyer personas
  • Use keywords and descriptive hashtags
  • Stay focused on your target audience
  • Consider the legal implications of photo ownership

Who’s using Pinterest for B2B well:

Here are some great examples of Pinterest for B2B:


Pinterest for B2B


Pinterest for B2B


Pinterest for B2B


Pinterest for B2B



Brainrider joined Pinterest a few short weeks ago and we are working to make our own account better. Follow us at: and let us know if you have feed back or suggestions.




4 thoughts on “Pinterest for B2B: What You Need to Know

  1. Hi,

    I have read these kind of a lot of articles explaining the benefits of Pinterest in business. But could you tell me , how ROI can be calculated in business/leads made from Pinterest ?


  2. Hi Francis,

    Pinterest released its own analytics tool for business accounts this year, which helps businesses find out how many people are pinning from their website, seeing their pins, and clicking their content. Here’s a link to the Pinterest business analytics page, which explains the tool in depth:

    At Brainrider, we’re still experimenting with Pinterest and it’s ROI for businesses. While it may not be the best tool for every company, it can be an excellent platform for engaging customers with visual content.

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