Pardot Elevate 2010: some of the best tweets

Here is a quick recap of some of the most popular, smart, and entertaining tweets from the Pardot Elevate 2010 Marketing Automation User Conference Sept 28-29 in Atlanta.

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RT @Pardot: We’re excited to have over 100 @pardot clients visit us in Atlanta next week! #pardot2010

Check out presentations online: More to come… plus videos! #Pardot2010

Learned more at #pardot2010 in 2 days about using @pardot in 3 years. … #pardot2010


Looking back over my notes from #pardot2010… One of the most inspiring conferences I’ve been to in a while. Thx everyone! Lots to do. …


Learned at #pardot2010 companies that excel at lead nurturing get 50% more qualified leads at 30% lower CPL


Here’s our deck for the #Pardot2010 10:15am session “Creating Relevant Content for Your Buyer’s Decision Stages”. #in


RT @brainrider: In customer win/loss analysis ask what content was helpful in the buying process #pardot2010 #b2b


“Prioritize sales follow-up based on inbound campaign’s historical win rate.” – @sugarcrm at #Pardot2010


#pardot2010 12:47 PM Sep 24th via SocialOomph. Are you marketing with video and presentations? Multimedia is no longer “new” media. …

Work back from oppos in tuning process via @agaffney #pardot2010 #B2B


eROI Old: Price, Promotion, Place and Product NOW ->> Content, Connection, Communication, Conversion #pardot2010


In customer win/loss analysis ask what content was helpful in the buying process from their perspective #pardot2010


the buying cycle: unaware > aware > informed > interested > preference > buying > advocate by @arketi @pardot2010


RT @brainrider: In customer win/loss analysis ask what content was helpful in the buying process #pardot2010 #b2b


RT @jeffbullas: 10 Ways To Integrate Your Social Media and Email Marketing #pardot2010.


RT @brainrider Lots of interest in optimizing LinkedIn profiles to get customers today at #pardot2010. BR’s how to post


@brainrider @Pardot your people are a wealth of information and positivity! #pardot2010


“Sales can focus the conversation on what information the prospect was looking for.” @sugarcrm at #Pardot2010


“We do things 100% inside sales at Pardot.” via @AdamBlitzer #pardot2010 #B2B


“Remember anything you write on Twitter will likely be around after you’re dead. Keep it classy.” via @AdamBlitzer #pardot2010 #B2B.


“Freshness dates can apply to your leads. … What is the age of your leads?” via @agaffney #pardot2010 #B2B.


Initial landing page from @pardot: Ask only for name, email, company. via @AdamBlitzer #pardot2010 #B2B


OMG. Better reporting coming to Pardot by way of @GoodData. They do “BI without the BS” Love that #pardot2010.


“We’ve definitely gotten customers from Twitter.” Gotta be fast enough. via @AdamBlitzer #pardot2010 #B2B.


At @pardot we measure ‘assigned leads.'” via @AdamBlitzer #pardot2010. … via @AdamBlitzer #pardot2010


Love idea from @AdamBlitzer about creating ‘content chains’ to nurture. #pardot2010 #B2B


Use progressive profiling to ask for additional info when people come back to your site: “content chains” @pardot2010


adamblitzer: “ask for the minimum number of form fields that you can get away with.” First, last, email, company @pardot2010.


Agree w @adamblitzer: use the fewest number of form fields on your online form. Who asks for fax numbers anymore?! #pardot2010.

“lumpy direct mail gets opened” & “everybody opens a package from” #pardot2010


RT @jeffbullas: 10 Ways To Integrate Your Social Media and Email Marketing #pardot2010


RT @JohnFMoore: 51% of those reached by a company on #Twitter are more likely to do business w you: #sales #pardot2010 …



RT @wileyccoyote: RT @tmanahan: read rate for email 7% mobile read rate is 70%. Fun fact from #pardot2010


Listening to Scott from @brainrider. #pardot2010 fun presentation


over suppress #dripmarketing campaings @adamblitzer #pardot2010 12:08 …


It’s important to allow sales reps to assign a prospect back to a nurturing program without leaving CRM #pardot2010


Nurtured leads produce 20% more sales opportunities @jepc #pardot2010


“Your drip cadence depends on the type of relationship the lead has with you” @adamblitzer | Don’t overdo it #pardot2010


So true @brainrider – the process of #B2B is JUST like the process of dating. Loving the 5 rules. #pardot2010


“Every lead goes in through @Pardot first.” – @sugarcrm at #Pardot2010


automatically importing social media accounts for all new leads is great (but a little creepy 😉 #pardot2010

My Pardot team is the best! #Pardot2010.


Decide whether or not they need to be in your sls pipeline” @nolin #pardot2010


Only about 2/3 of the room utilizes thank-you content. Man, that’s a missing opp. Always give another option to “#ingage” #pardot2010.


Great question in @nolin ‘s content session: what content do you put behind a form. What do you think? #pardot2010


Challenge every #B2B org faces w/ MA and CRM — reconciling campaigns vs. leads/contacts vs. opportunities (in CRM). #pardot2010.


B2B demand gen is a system: “We’re constantly qualifying the prospect, checking for updates.” via @sugarcrm #pardot2010.


never underestimate the power of “just ask” RT @wileyccoyote: “If you want to know your customer pain points, ASK THEM #pardot2010


Very bright minds in #mktgautomation here at #pardot2010 including @abneedles and @jepc,… Ready to learn how to help customers more at #Pardot2010. …

Can’t believe #pardot2010 is already over. It came and went sooo fast. Great job, @Pardot team. Kudos for a successful event! #GreatTips.

my last #Pardot2010 tweet: had a great trip, learned lots, and met so many smart people. please feel free to connect

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