Pardot Campaign Report Summary – a #Pardot2011 correction and apology

While Sherry Shi and I were presenting the Pitney Bowes Ecommerce Solutions case study at Pardot Elevate 2011 earlier this week, a question was asked by an audience member about the Pardot Campaign Report Summary. The audience member was asking whether the counts of Visitors and Prospects for each campaign included the same individual more than once, or if it was only a count of the first Campaign that a Visitor or Prospect interacted with.

My answer to the question was incorrect. I explained that the numbers for each campaign line included all Visitors or Prospects who interacted with that campaign, even if they were already a tracked Visitor or Prospect in the Pardot database.

The correct answer is that both Visitors and Prospects are tagged by Pardot with the first campaign they interact with, and are only counted once in the Campaign Report Summary. There is no double-counting of Visitors nor Prospects across multiple campaigns in the Campaign Report Summary.

You will, however, see a list of all Prospects who successfully submitted a Landing Page or Form on that asset’s detail page in Pardot (Marketing > Landing Pages or Marketing > Forms). The list of Prospects on that detail page includes all who successfully completed the Landing Page or form, even if their associated First Campaign is something else.

Sorry for any confusion I caused during the session, and please feel free to comment below or email me if you have any additional questions.

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