My favorite upcoming Pardot features

At their first-ever (and very successful!) user conference in Atlanta last week, Pardot presented their short-term roadmap for their marketing automation tool. (if you’d like to check out other presentations given at the 2-day event, they are posted online.)

A few of the new upcoming additions have me especially excited:

1. Tags. If you’re working with small numbers of forms, landing pages, and content assets in your marketing automation tool you like to see them on one screen. But as your inventory of items grows longer, you need to be able to organize them. Folders are one option, but they restrict you to a mutually exclusive approach to organizing things (one item can only exist in one folder). So instead of folders, Pardot will soon allow the user to tag items with one or multiple tags. That means we will be able to organize (and sort, and find, and *hopefully* report on) items by topic, type, date, and any other relevant organizational attribute.

2. Better reporting. Every marketing automation tool captures tons of valuable data, and Pardot is no exception. Slicing and dicing that data in ways that make it useful is the big challenge since different companies and users have different needs. So Pardot has teamed up with SaaS Business Intelligence tool vendor GoodData to integrate high-end, flexible, user-friendly, customizable analytics into the Pardot tool. I hope the new tags are accessible data attributes when this feature rolls out!

3. Form-level field conditions. Sometimes you want a form field to be required. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you want a submitted field value to be pre-populated, sometimes you don’t. The desired conditions on the same field can be different from one form to the next. Now Pardot form field conditions will be modifiable at the form level. This, combined with their existing feature to present form fields progressively after others have been completed, makes for very powerful and visitor-friendly data capture.

These, plus other great enhancements, are coming soon to a Pardot deployment near you. With the right combination of B2B marketing content, programs, and tools like Pardot, you will be a force to be reckoned with!

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